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Creation to ChaosGod's Mission Trip
Final ExamThe Imperfect Church
Grace is EnoughThe Imperfect Church
Out of HarmonyThe Imperfect Church
Out of Your MindThe Imperfect Church
Death Warmed OverThe Imperfect Church
Can You Smell That SmellThe Imperfect Church
Gracious GivingThe Imperfect Church
The Final EnemyThe Imperfect Church
Road to ExcellenceThe Imperfect Church
Different but EqualThe Imperfect Church
Free at Last, AlmostThe Imperfect Church
Christmas Lights
Expensive WeddingThe Imperfect Church
Moldy BreadThe Imperfect Church
Single MindedThe Imperfect Church
Sharing God's MoneyManaging God's Money
Smart Money 2Managing God's Money
Smart moneyManaging God's Money
40th Reunion ServiceGuest Speaker
Money MythsManaging God's Money
It all belongs to GodManaging God's Money
Treasure HunterMalachi
The Good shepherdZechariah (part 2)
Strange dreamsZechariah (part 1)
Get to WorkHaggai
The Complaint DepartmentHabakkuk
Good News and BadNahum
Always Be Humble And KindZephaniah
Little Town of BethlehemMicah
Divine LoveHosea
Ripe FruitAmos 7-9
The Roaring LionAmos 1-6
The SwarmJoel
Sleeping with the FishesJonah
Devoted to ServiceFully Devoted
Devoted to PrayerFully Devoted
Devoted to WorshipFully Devoted
Devoted to Each OtherFully Devoted
Devoted to the WordFully Devoted
Fully DevotedFully Devoted
The Rest of the StoryCross Training
Son RiseCross Training
Whatever You WantCross Training
Here He ComesCross Training
Mission ImpossibleCross Training
Hide and SeekCross Training
Inside and OutCross Training
Real LoveCross Training
Follow the LeaderCross Training
I ConfessCross Training
Good DirtCross Training
In CommandCross Training
Legal MattersCross Training
The Doctor Is InCross Training
The VoiceCross Training
CelebrateCross Training
Prayer WorksPrayer Works
Whatever You WantCross Training
Must Be Something In The WaterMust Be Something In The Water
Give ThanksGive Thanks
The Secret IngredientThe Jesus Diet
Prep Cook and ServeThe Jesus Diet
Get Plenty of ExerciseThe Jesus Diet
Eat Your Green BeansThe Jesus Diet
Celebrating God's GiftsCelebrating God's Gifts
Toxic IngredientsThe Jesus Diet
You Are What You EatThe Jesus Diet
The Main ThingThe Main Thing
Get FitGet Fit
Roman HolidayThe Spreading Fire
ConspiracyThe Spreading Fire
Never Give UpNever Give Up
The Spreading FireThe Spreading Fire
We Need To TalkThe Spreading Fire
Carrying A TorchThe Spreading Fire
Catching FireThe Spreading Fire
Run!The Spreading Fire
CommunityThe Spreading Fire
Got Jesus?The Spreading Fire
Agape Christian adoption and Foster CareAgape Christian adoption and Foster Care
The Great Jubilee"I AM" in Control
Master of Intrigue"I AM" in Control
Sleeping with Lions"I AM" in Control
God's Graffiti"I AM" in Control
Into the Fire"I AM" in Control
The Eternal Kingdom"I AM" in Control
Peer Pressure"I AM" in Control
Chariots of FireChariots of Fire
Defying GodDefying God
Rose From the DeadThe Most Interesting Man in the WorldN/A
Forgives SinThe Most Interesting Man in the World
Defies the Laws of NatureThe Most Interesting Man in the World
Casts out DemonsThe Most Interesting Man in the World
Lead Like JesusServant Leaders
Love Like JesusServant Leaders
Live Like jesusServant Leaders
The Power to FightGod's Power Tools
Measuring UpGod's Power Tools
The Power of OneGod's Power Tools
Grace WorksGod's Power Tools
Can You Hear Me Now?
Teach your children wellTeach your children well
Guest speaker Phil Stapp
Charlie Wilson Guest Speaker
Jason Sadler Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker David Carter
GL Hudson Guest Speaker
Guest speaker: GL Hudson
Dennis Mays - Agape Guest speaker
Guest Speaker David Carter
Guest speaker: GL Hudson
Don Horton
The Importance Of Baptism
Preparing For The Mission
God's Awesome Drawing Power
Warning: Spiritual Warfare Ahead
Know Yourself, Know Others
Jesus Christ And The Church He Built
Fathers And Their Families
Learning To Be Interrupted By God
The Blood Of Freedom
Celebrating Mothers
More Fully Prepared
In Everything Give Thanks
What's the plan Lord
All About Thee
Selfie -"How Do I Look" A Time Of Self Testing
The Lukewarm Church
The Open Door Church
The Church That Appeared Alive But Was Dead
The Church where tolerating worldliness resulted in disunity
The Church That Compromised The Truth
The Suffering But Faithful Saints
Loyal But Lacking In LoveN/A
Experiencing Real Love
The Victorious Resurrected Christ
Moving Forward For God's Kingdom
A Birth With World Impact
The Day The Sun Didn't Shine But The SON Did
Service Interrupted By Satan
Just Too Good To Pass Up
First Of All Pray
Rescued By Compassion
A Believing Faith
Ministry Jesus Style
An Awesome God
Making A Difference
Husbands And Wives
The Power Of A Christ-Like Example
Be Transformed
Comfort Zone Or End Zone
Guard Your Heart
Speak Truth
Take Initiative
Pursue Wisdom
Liberating Grace
The Power Of One
Unknown Soldiers Of Significance
Patience and Prayer
War and Peace
A Life Changing Event
Close Relationship wi
Close Relationship with Christ
The Heart of A Model Church
The Birth of our King
Growing Spiritually
The Reality of the Existence of God
The Comparison Complex
The Empty Tomb
Death on a Cross
Truth on Trial
Abide and Bear
Abide and Bear 1
Celebrating Christmas
A New Commandment
A Pivotal Moment
The Destroyer of Death
What a Mighty God We Serve
Thankful in Christ
Pit to Deputy Pharoah
Form vs Substance
Shine Jesus Shine
Parable of Marriage Feast
When Opportunity Strikes
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Great Divider
Seeing God's Big Picture
Salt of the Earth
Religion Rebirth
Joy About Jesus
Who is this Jesus?
Running Ahead of God
Running with God
Running to God
Running Away From God
What Fathers Need